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Oral history

Listed below are people from Orleans County that have been interviewed by OCHA about their memories of the county.  Their interviews were taped recorded and the tapes were transferred to CDs.  The CDs are stored at the Lee-Whedon Memorial Library, West Ave. & North St., Medina, NY 14103; phone 585-798-3430 and are available there for anyone wishing to listen to them.  It may be possible to borrow individual CDs or transcripts by any interested person seeking this information wherever they live in the USA. Contact the library for loan information.

Archbald, Edward B. – Carlton, Farming, Oak Orchard on the Lake, Written Transcript
W. Clure Appleton Audio File

Ackerson, Reevalyn – Tax Collector, Town of Shelby, 28 years

Allis, Minnie – 90 year-old farm housewife, hobbies, stories, etc. Minnie Allis Transcript
Minnie Allis Audio File

Amos, Warren – carpenter, construction of homes for 57 years, etc.

Appleton, Clure Grange -Prohibition, pranks, etc. W. Clure Appleton Written Transcript

Arnett, Hazel – lived first 8 years of life on canal boats, etc.

Arnett, Dr. Ross – veterinarian for 58 years, making barrels, etc.

Bergerson, Carl – Albion schools history, history of son, Austin

Billings, Katharine – early Albion, streets, houses, sidewalks, etc.

Bird, Horace – Agriculture Stabilization Conservation Service, etc.

Breitbeck, Jessie – construction of homes, family history, 1st Baptist

Britt, Paul J. – farm, gas station, school bus driver, hunting etc.

Broughton, Chester – foundry worker at Swetts Irons Works 50 years, etc.

Brownell, L. –  O’Donnell Lumber/Sand & Gravel business, Depression.

Brown, Robert –  (no tape, transcription only); fruit farm, family, etc.

Burroughs, Kenneth –  State Trooper, Prohibition, lumber business, etc.

Burroughs, Luther –  preacher’s kid, music, Depression, church, teacher, etc.

Burroughs, Luther – Orleans County Legislature, politics, golf course dev.

Burroughs, Richard – Lipton Canning Company, Albion history

Canham, Lester – Town of Gaines Supervisor, farming, etc. Written Transcript

Caldwell, Howard – farming, Millville, WWI, flu, teacher, memories, etc.

Case, Steward – R.L.&B. Trolley, Larkin Stores, paint store, health, etc.

Champlin, Steve – Conservation Club development, antique bicycles

Colaviot, Mary – Holley, born in Italy, family, early memories

Cole, Flo. – Ives Chamberlin Mansion in Medina (now State Street Park)

Colman, Edith Shelby, schools, teaching, D.A.R. home at Xmas, etc.

Colton, Myra – Medina’s first hospital, dry house, WWI, travels, etc.

Conner, Curtis – Prohibition, rum running, Lyndonville

Coppa, Andy  –  shoe repair business, family orchestra, WWII G.I. etc.

Cotriss, Sophia – parents from Poland, Balcerzak family, Newell’s etc.

Cox, Dorothy – Roberts English settlement, Paddy Hill in Medina, WWI, First Girl Scouts in Medina

Daum, Walter – farmer, construction of roads, hunting, Barre, etc.

DeFabio, Frank – WWI, shoe making trade, Holley, NY

Devlin, Edward – agriculture teacher, principle, Youth Corp, etc.

Eddy, Arthur B. – Family History, Written Transcript

Eddy, Pearl – D.A.R., from N. Carolina, Tuesday Club, Child Welfare

Eddy, Sidney – family history, early auto, Albion, printing business

Egloff, Anna Roth family – German School, trolley, polio

Ferris, Nettie – family history & stories, school teacher

Fox, Wilson – farmer, social times/early homes, carpenter, WWI, etc.

Gill, William – furrier & traps, Depression, from England, etc.

Gonsrud, Wilda E. – practical nurse first class in MM Hospital, doctors, nurses

Gotts, Pearle – restaurant business 30 years, pug dogs, racehorses, etc.

Gould, Rev. Gordon – from Alaska, orphan, schooling, church, college, etc.

Harding, Earl – farmer, community & politics, WWI experiences, etc. Written Transcript

Harling, Eva  & Clyde family – Depression, Barre, Winter of 1943, Riches Corners. eva and clyde harling ocha transcript

Heisler, George – quarry stone cutter, hunter, etc.

Heitz, Helen – Newell Shirt Factory, Medina 50 years, etc.

Heitz, Wesley – mechanic, auto repairs, WWII experiences, etc.

Heitz, Wesley – Prohibition, experiences as rum runner, etc.

Helenbolt, Carl – early S.A. Cook, family, T.B., Bean House, etc.

Helmkamp, Ethel – born in Canada, Hartt Funeral Home, Armory Ball, etc.

Hickman, Doris – born in England, WWI experiences there, auto accident

Hill, Harold – auctioneer 42 years, real estate, politics, etc.

Hinckley, Olga L. – Medina teacher, Depression, WWII memories

Hollenbeck, Fay –  farmer, railroad, auto accident, etc.

Hollenbeck, Fay – Prohibition, births & deaths, adoption, etc.

Humphrey, Herbert G. – stationed at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941, WWII South Pacific, Korean War

Johnson, Rev. John – Black migrant-leader-minister, 35 years at Harrisons, etc.

Johnson, Melvin – farmer, Bean House, Depression, etc.

Johnson, Marj F. – Wheelman’s Rest at Falconer Home, bikes, schools, etc.

Judwick, Stanley – born in Poland, quarry work, delivered ice, wood carver

Kennedy, Becky Wood – born in Scotland, adopted, employment in WWII, etc.

Keople, George – cheese maker, Clarendon history, Town Clerk, etc

Kuspa, Anna W. – parents from Germany, catering, employment, restaurant

Lamont, Dorothy – Century Farm Homestead, family memories, etc., Written Transcript

Larimer, William – WWII, prisoner of war, Bataan Death March, etc.

Lattin, Cary – construction of homestead, farmer, Country Historian, etc.

Lattin, Cary – Cobblestone Society History; two stories for smiles

Layman, Olive – Albion Correctional Facility work, D.A.R. etc.

Leach, M-Lou Tucker – adopted by Medina family, successful search for mother

Leone, Dr. Angelo – born in Sicily, medical doctor, memories of WWII, etc.

Loke, Marshall Swett – old time Medina, schools, stores, homes, sketches, etc.

Martin, Ethel Britt – early schools, teacher, farming, Saturday nights, etc.

Meddaugh, Oliver – Dept. of Environmental Conservation, wildlife, etc.

Moriarty, Kenneth – barber 56 years, Depression, early Medina, etc.

Morton, William – farmer, Prohibition, Barre, friends, etc.

Neal, Glenn – Shelby, general store, Steilow murder, trial, etc.

Newmeyer, Katherine – Acer daughter of V.A. Acer, schools, Uncle Mort Post, etc.

O’Brien, Maurice “Lank” – Conservation Dept., sports, names of the greats, etc.

Owen, Charles – WWII prisoner of war of Germans, good descriptions

Palmer, Charles – 98 yr. old farmer, Grange, friends and family, memories

Phillips, Marcus – Hulberton stone quarry, ice skating on canal, etc.

Phillips, Marcus – Albion Banks history, Depression, etc.

Pratt, J. HowardCobblestone schoolhouse, describes a day as a student

Pratt, J. Howardhomes of long ago, weddings, funerals, Ireland, etc.


Radzinsky, Marj Cooke – Swett family history with photos, etc.

Radzinsky, Marj Cooke – early memories, death of mother, schools, etc.

Reynolds, Inez – American Red Cross work, many memories and history

Richards, Ann – Girl Scout work in Medina, Methodist Church, etc.

Roberts, Justin – farmer, land development, religious experiences, etc.

Rosen, Kath. M.M. – parents form England, matron at Albion School for Girls

Sanderson, Carl – Ridgeway history, early stores, church, etc.

Smith, Blanche – Kornow Carlton

Smith, Floyd – farmer, expansion of farms, Steilow murder, pranks, etc.

Stalker, Geroge – work on HoJack RR, Lyndonville, family, Depression, etc.

Steele, Clarence – Elba muckland farmer, Barre Grange, Prohibition, etc.

Stebbins, Marie Timmerman – born 1892 in Chamberlin Mansion, Medina, etc.

Stillinger, Jane Nagel – S.A. Cook, furniture, Depression in Medina, teacher in Shelby Center, Attica, and Medina

Thomas, Dr. Clayton – born in Canada, cowboy, teacher, doctor, memories

Thomas, Martha – Lyndonville history, stores, mill, schools, etc.

Tuttle, Jo – Jeddo history, farm life, Pan American Expo, etc.

Waldo, Hellen – pianist in silent movies, foster parent, Middleport Universalist Church

Waldo, Homer L. –  farming, peddlers wagons, seasonal workers

Walters, Clyde –  Eagle Harbor stores, Medina banks, Depression, etc.

Waters, Alonzo – J-R Newspaper, politics, Post Office, WWI, migrants, etc.

Waterson, Earl – farmer, grave-digger, WWI, black market, health care, etc.

Weeks, Edwin – Albion conservationist, sportsman, etc.

White, Cecilia, H. – schooling, working on the muckland, good description

Willis, Ethel  – Bignall Foundry Co. office 35 years, Depression, etc.

Wise, Clifford – Medina schools history, many photos

Wise, Clifford – Senior Citizens Center history, Medina Methodist Church

Young, Claudia Stisser – 96 year old farm housewife, Ashwood RR wreck, etc.

There is a special area of interest in recording interviews with Veterans of any American War- WW1, 2, Korea, Viet Nam,  and Persian Gulf Wars.  Copies of these interviews with Veterans will be sent to the Library of Congress.

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